One look at the AVANZA's innovative styling conveys a sense of quality with remarkable energy and stability. But the most enduring impression - a product of its highly efficient packaging - is of the emergence of a new category of versatile MVP: ideal for school runs, airport shuttle, pool vehicle, sales van and family car. It's the mini van with maxi benefits.



The superbly balanced proportions of the Toyota Yaris reflect the inherent intelligence of its design, and the spacious comfort that it offers. In every detail, it's a smart next-generation compact saloon that defines a new standard of practical and stylish driving. Yaris embodies the simplicity and refinement that are hallmark of Toyota Craftsmanship.


First impressions are compelling. Responsive and quick to please, the Corolla effortlessly generates the power for driving pleasure, delivering subtly smooth and stable performance. The short-nose proportions highlight the advanced styling. Together with its expansive cabin space, it exudes a distinctive presence.


The styling of the Avensis gives a dynamic and unique presence. The outstanding basic performance delivers agile driving with a reassuring feeling. Your pleasure is enhanced by the spacious cabin with its premium-quality interior finish and satisfying equipment. Creating a new dynamism full of originality, the Avensis provides a cutting-edge at the top level in its class.


Introducing the Intuitive New Camry. True to its roots, yet harnessing some of the latest advances in motoring technology, the new Camry has been re-engineered, re-designed and re-imagined. The New Camry; the Car that reads the road.

JEEPS & 4x4


Witness a fresh and dramatic change in your day-to-day life. Whether in the city or the rugged interland, the powerful, athletic form of the RAV4 makes a bold personal statement. Its full-time 4WD system supports your active lifestyle with sporty and agile performance in a class of its own. In the RAV4, you will finally leave the tedium of yesterday behind and discover how exciting everyday life can be. Yet the RAV4 is thoroughly refined, with meticulous sound and vibration measures that virtually eliminate cabin noise. Advanced aerodynamics has resulted in excellent driving performance and fuel efficiency. The RAV4 stirs your emotions with excitement of pure driving pleasure. The 2.0litre power plant delivers abundant power during regular driving and reassures when the road gets rough...


Embrace life with the LandCruiser Prado and you will be rewarded with a fresh view of our world. It's the exhilaration of getting behind the wheel... anticipating no roads conditions or terrain will ever limit you. It's the capacity and functionality to take everything you need with you relying on no-one. It's the power, strength and reliability of living with a legend, expanding your potential to explore... and feeding your dreams of adventure. The smoothness of the Prado's on-road performance rivals its tough off-road capabilities. The exceptional driving performance and ride comfort bring a new dimension of luxury to your driving pleasure on the road.


In a world that's full of hard knocks, the Landcruiser has the technology it takes to deliver a consistently smooth and stable ride. On or off road, it sets the standard for 4-wheel drive performance and handling. The Landcruiser's reputation for excellence, echoes around the world. It has proved itself on some of the toughest terrain on earth and stands at the summit of 4-wheel technology. Drive it and be the master of all your survey. The Landcruiser has the GX and VX options in auto and manual for you to choose. A perfect harmony of comfort and control.



With a worldwide reputation for proven performance to back it, the HIACE Commuter is designed from the ground up to match today's active lifestyles and comes loaded with features to make driving more enjoyable. Wide and Super Long or Standard and Long - Whichever body style you choose, you'll discover a world that is uniquely your own.


The strength of the Hilux lies in the vast volume of data Toyota has amassed in years of building reliable and rugged pickups. All models feature a laser-welded high-tensile steel body and chassis that has been subjected to exhaustive CAE simulation resulting in light weight with excellent torsional rigidity for precise handling. Hilux range is available in 2WD/4WD single and double cabins and gasoline and diesel engines.


The Dyna is designed and manufactured in accordance with total insight into the physical distribution process and Toyota unique production methods. Solid, dependable performance and a superior level of durability make Dyna efficient for carrying heavy loads and driving in severe conditions. All Dyna variations are powered by high performance engine that combines low fuel and high power output. For the driver, dependability and comfort, for the owner, a high level of business efficiency and economy.


With its spacious and comfortable cabin, the Coaster feels like a family sedan and its pleasant interior is just one of its many welcome features. The Coaster delivers precise handling, with extra reserves of power and comprehensive safety amenities. Toyota engineering ensures rugged strength for years to come and overall economy. The Coaster is a pleasure to behold, a balanced combination of economy and luxury, blending science and art. With 2.7-litre gasoline engine and 4.2-litre diesel engine either way, you can be sure of outstanding response in all driving and load situations.